The Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Nebraska, Inc. (LPNAN) is a professional organization that represents, supports, and promotes all aspects of practical nursing in Nebraska. This important work is done through the:

  • Promotion of quality health care standards,
  • Represention of Nebraska LPNs in legislative and regulatory issues, and
  • Promotion of the diverse functions of LPNs to consumers and other healthcare professionals.

The Nebraska Health Care Association (NHCA) is the management company for LPNAN.

A volunteer board of directors consisting of LPNs governs LPNAN. The Board of Directors includes an Executive Committee (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Immediate Past Chair) and 14 Regional Ambassadors.

LPNAN’s 14 regions are based on the Nebraska Manpower Report and the number of LPNs in each county of the state.

The Regional Ambassador is a volunteer position approved by the Board of Directors. The Regional Ambassador must be a member of LPNAN, hold a nursing license in good standing, and serve on the Board of Directors. Their term shall be for two years. View criteria for eligibility and an explanation of the commitment that will be involved. Download a Regional Ambassador application.