Partner Site Information

Becoming a Training Partner

NHCLC seeks partners interested in teaching the Basic Nursing Assistant and/or the Medication Aide training throughout the state.

Students register for training at any of the sites across the state that best suits their schedule and needs. They then receive college credit for the training. Tuition is charged to the student based on the number of credit hours.

Site partners are recognized training providers for NHCLC. These sites provide the training as it meets facility and community needs within the specified guidelines of the Health and Human Services regulations and in agreement with NHCLC. NHCLC contracts with nurses in that community as desired to provide the training. Some facilities provide the training as a screening process prior to hiring a person for a position. This partnership allows the site flexibility and savings when providing education.

Partners must be members of NNFA/NALA to participate in the partnership.

Training times are posted on this website, and information is circulated to interested parties to promote the programs. Notifications sent periodically to nursing and allied health schools include the schedule of upcoming classes and encourage them to check the website.

Please contact the Nebraska Health Care Learning Center at 402-435-3551 if you would like to participate in this unique partnership.

Partnership Materials

Information for Partnership
Checklist to return to Nebraska Health Care Learning Center
Basic Nursing Assistant Equipment Checklist
Instructor Qualification Form
Partner Services Agreement
Nebraska Health Care Learning Center Catalog