The Nebraska Health Care Learning Center (NHCLC) is a private post-secondary career school licensed and accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education and accredited by the Nebraska Workforce Development’s Tri County Workforce Investment Board. NHCLC is an affiliate of the Nebraska Health Care Association (NHCA).

Through these eight training programs, the Learning Center promotes growth and leadership for the long-term care setting:

NHCLC’s objectives are to:

  • Provide access to educational opportunities within the long-term care setting for professional and paraprofessional people in health care related fields.
  • Offer a wide range of programs throughout the state utilizing local resources to enhance rural health revitalization that are ADA accessible.
  • Provide a cooperative agreement with members of NHCA throughout Nebraska to enhance high standards and principles of practice through education promoting quality of life for residents.
  • Meet the needs of the long-term care workforce by utilizing a variety of educational methods and technologies.

NHCLC is responsible to the NHCA Board of Directors. The Director of Professional Development is responsible for the overall management of NHCLC.


Guided by core values of Professionalism, Stewardship, Quality, and Integrity, the Nebraska Nursing Facility Association and Nebraska Assisted Living Association encourage the professional development of people who dedicate their career to individuals utilizing the services of a Nebraska nursing or assisted living facility. This work is done with the following objectives.

  • Provide professionals and paraprofessionals in the nursing facility or assisted living facility setting with access to exceptional educational opportunities.
  • Support the workforce needs of Nebraska’s nursing facilities and assisted living facilities by promoting them as sources of viable health occupations.
  • Support Nebraska nursing facilities and assisted living facilities in their quests to provide high quality care through the implementation and/or promotion of specialized quality-focused programs and educational offerings.
  • Meet the wide-ranging education needs and available resources of Nebraska’s nursing facility and assisted living facility professionals and paraprofessionals through the use of a variety of methods and technologies and innovative ideas.