• How to ensure that I get NHCA emails

    NHCA is committed to keeping you updated with announcements, regulatory changes, education, and member connections. Email is the main method used for delivering that information. However, we were recently notified by several members that NHCA communications are now being filtered as spam or junk and blocked from reaching the inbox.

    If you have experienced this issue, please add nhca@nehca.org to your Safe Senders list by taking the suggested steps to help ensure delivery or you can view a short tutorial video HERE.


    1. On the Home tab, click Junk (or this icon in the Delete section of the tool bar)
    2. Click Junk Email Options
    3. On the Safe Senders tab, click the Add button
      • Add an entry for nhca@nehca.org to help ensure receipt of Association emails
      • Type in @nehca.org to add any email coming from nehca.org
      • Check the Automatically add people I e-mail to the Safe Senders List box
    4. Enter OK

    Office 365 (Web based):

    1. Log into Office 365 and select Outlook
    2. Click on Settings (the small gear In the upper right corner of the page)
    3. Type Safe in the search box, which should bring up Safe Senders and Domains
    4. Click on Safe Senders and Domains
      • Click on the +Add under the Safe Senders and Domains section
      • Type in nehca.org and enter
    5. Nehca.org should now show in the list and be considered a Safe Sender

    Other Email clients:

    Add nehca.org as a Safe Sender.

    Firewall rules:

    Some organizations utilize a Firewall to block suspected spam emails. The settings for these rules will vary by vendor. Please check with your IT department for assistance.

    At a minimum, we recommend allowing all emails coming from nhca@nehca.org or from the nehca.org domain.

    1. Whitelist email coming from nehca.org, mailchimpapp.net, mailgun.net, and associationsonline.com
    2. Allow email from the following IP address ranges:

    If you have questions or need assistance, please contact NHCA at 402-435-3551.