About Care PAC

What is a PAC?

Under the Nebraska Political Accountability and Disclosure Act, if an organization makes annual contributions in excess of $5,000 to Nebraska candidates for political office or in support or opposition to ballot questions, then the organization must establish a separate fund for making contributions. Such a fund is known as a “Political Action Committee” or “PAC.”

NNFA/NALA created “Care PAC” for this purpose. Pursuant to the Care PAC bylaws, the committee consists of the chair and treasurer of the NNFA Board of Directors, the chair of the Government Relations Committee, and nine additional NNFA/NALA members to be appointed by the chair of the Board of the Nebraska Health Care Association. Under the bylaws, the chairperson of Care PAC is the NHCA Treasurer. No contributions may be made from Care PAC without a majority vote of the committee.

How can Care PAC have an effect on all of these statutes and regulations?

Consider that tens of thousands of issues are floated before policymakers by thousands of advocates. No one can listen to every one and be actively engaged in every issue. Also consider that legislators earn $12,000 per year while a legislative campaign can cost more than $100,000. A gubernatorial campaign can cost well over $1 million. Human nature dictates that with thousands of issues before a policymaker, the issues pertaining to the people that dearly supported a policymaker will stand out from those who did not. Long-term care in Nebraska needs a strong voice among the other thousands of voices seeking access to policymakers. Access allows us to present our solid arguments.

View or print the Care PAC Participation Guide.