Cool Line

The Nebraska Nursing Facility Association/Nebraska Assisted Living Association Cool Line assists long-term care facility residents, family members, employees, and citizens in addressing concerns or complaints that they are not comfortable sharing with a facility or have attempted to resolve with dissatisfactory results.

The Cool Line is a NNFA/NALA member benefit available for promotion by both nursing and assisted living facilities. It is not intended to replace, but augment, the requirement for facilities to implement a process for addressing complaints and grievances received from residents, employees and others.

After a concern or complaint has been received through the Cool Line, the NNFA/NALA President and CEO will assign the case to the appropriate NNFA/NALA staff person. This staff person will then discuss the issue with the complainant to aid in resolution. The process allows the complainant to remain anonymous and the information to remain confidential.

NNFA/NALA staff may also provide the complainant with other resources that could assist them in addressing the problem or concern, e.g., Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Health and Human Services-Regulation and Licensure, Adult Protective Services.

If the concern or complaint needs to be discussed with the appropriate facility staff, NNFA/NALA staff will request the verbal permission from the complainant to do so. In the instance of a written, anonymous complaint, the NNFA/NALA staff will use its discretion in determining whether or not to communicate the issues with the member.



Attention: Cool Line
1200 Libra Drive, Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68512

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