Paying for Long-Term Care

Check with facilities to determine current fee schedules. Ask about the potential for any additional fees; facilities are required to provide this information. Prices will vary based on a variety of issues such as room size, services, care level, and geographic location.

Options for paying for care in a nursing or assisted living facility include:

Long-Term Care Insurance
Long-term care insurance is similar to regular health insurance in that the individual pays premiums. It is the ideal option for those that want to protect assets.

Generally, Medicare pays only for short-term services needed due to a resident’s sudden illness or injury in a nursing facility.

Assisted living room and board is not covered by Medicare.

Medicaid may pay for care in a Medicaid-certified nursing facility for those with limited income. Medicaid coverage of assisted living services is limited to those eligible for Medicaid Waiver services.

Private Pay
Private resources such as savings are typically used to pay for care and services in a nursing facility or assisted living facility if long-term care insurance is not available.

The Nebraska Department of Insurance’s Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) can assist with questions about Medicare and Medicaid eligibility and long-term care insurance. Contact SHIIP at:

Phone: 800-234-7119

Our Senior Care assists consumers with long-term care decision-making.