On May 15, 2017, Governor Ricketts line-item vetoed LB327, the biennium budget bill, back to a 3 percent cut for all providers. This means there will be $10,540,025 less Medicaid funding for the nursing facility services and $829,829 less Medicaid funding for assisted living services for vulnerable Nebraskans during state fiscal year 2017-18.

On behalf of the members of the Nebraska Nursing Facility Association and Nebraska Assisted Living Association, the Nebraska Health Care Association shares the “I’m Counting on You” video which captures the spirit of residents and employees and why we are counting on senators to override Governor Ricketts’ line-item veto of provider rates.

  • Nebraska nursing and assisted living facilities are facing unprecedented workforce shortages and regulatory requirements.
  • Any rate decrease will force facilities to make cuts to jobs, limit admissions, and, in some cases, close doors altogether.
  • Nebraska nursing facilities are underfunded by $25 per day per person. Continued Medicaid underfunding for nursing facility and assisted living services puts pressure on the private sector to subsidize this care.
  • Medicaid pays for the care of 53 percent of Nebraska nursing facility residents. As the main funding source for nursing facility care, a reduction in Medicaid reimbursement rates would have an even more critical impact on access to these services.