Infection Control/Risk Management Nurse

Company Name: Central Nebraska Veterans' Home

Website URL:

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Kearney, NE

Job Category: Nursing

Job Description

Under general direction, coordinates and directs the Infection Control program and oversees the Risk Management (safety/security/liability) processes for the Central Nebraska Veterans Home. This position develops the Risk Management processes for the facility through surveillance, audits, records review, drills, competency testing and communications. Develops infection control reports to communicate and report incidences of exposure, detection, control, and treatment. Chairs the Infection Control Committee and serves on quality improvement teams to assist in setting goals, tracking and improving processes and procedures. Surveys the facility regularly to observe infection or potential for infection and to develop and recommend corrective action. Maintain an effective orientation program that orients the new employees to the importance of infection control procedures, personal hygiene, hand washing techniques, etc., as well as the employee’s responsibility in following the established procedures for tasks involving exposure to blood/body fluids. Assist in development of and participate with in-services and programs for employees on ongoing Infection Control Practices, Standards and changes. Orients and provides ongoing educatoin on Back Ergonomic Safety.

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