Instructor, Long Term Care Administration

Company Name: Southeast Community College

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Job Type: Full Time

Location: Lincoln, NE

Job Category: Other (Details in Description)


Job Description


Under the direction of the Associate Dean and Dean, the Instructor is responsible for developing and implementing courses in the Long Term Care Administration program. These courses are currently only offered online. The Instructor is responsible for writing course objectives, implementing appropriate teaching strategies, advising students, monitoring and evaluating student progress and keeping accurate student records. The instructor may have additional duties and responsibilities of supervising and coordinating the activities of the program and its faculty if assigned to be Program Director. The primary role of the Program Director is to ensure that through personal and faculty effort students are able to achieve the objectives of the program. The Program Director reports to the Associate Dean of Business and the Dean of Business and Community Services.

1. Provide Instruction/Develops Online Courses in Assigned Subject Areas.
2. Provide instruction to students according to the objectives of each course assigned. These courses include any of the LTCA courses in the Long Term Care Administration Program.
3. This instructor will utilize a variety of instructional strategies in the online environment.
4. Develop and/or revise course objectives, content, descriptions, and instructional strategies on approved college curriculum form. In addition, the instructor will develop, revise and maintain class policies, grading structures, and strategies.
5. The instructor will review, evaluate, and recommend textbooks for course use.
6. Prepare and administer evaluation instruments and maintain accurate student records on participation, achievement, and progress.
7. Remain current in events and developments related to subject areas.
Increase and improve personal teaching and subject knowledge through supplemental sources such as in-service activities, conferences, workshops, technical updates, and personal self-study.
8. Attend and participate in program, division, and college staff meetings and serve on committees and teams.
9. Participate in Long Term Care Administration Workforce Leadership Team meetings and activities.
10. Serve as academic advisor to declared Long Term Care Administration program students as assigned by Program Director. Tasks in this area include: assist students in selecting and registering for courses; advise students on their academic progress, courses needed for graduation, and division/college policies.
11. Function as a member of the Long Term Care Administration and Business Division team.
12. Interact with colleagues, students, staff, supervisors and community in a manner which will project a positive image of the program and the college.
13. Promote/facilitate instructional services such as recruitment, placement, and orientation as assigned.
14. Perform other functions related to teaching assignments.
15. Provide information and data that will assist in preparation of supply and equipment orders, course schedules, book orders, budget and other necessary reports.
16. Maintain security of college equipment and materials.
17. Faculty should work with their immediate supervisor to develop an annual plan of professional development and improvement.
18. Promote and support the College’s diversity goals; promote/support Access, Fair Employment, EEO, Equity and Diversity programs.
19. An instructor could be assigned to be the Program Director for the program, which would include, but not be limited to: Coordinate the development and revision of curriculum; Participate in staffing and staff evaluations; Supervise program instructional staff; Participate in the budget process; Develop schedule of classes; Advise students and manage program registration process; Maintain active Program Workforce Leadership Team; Practice and encourage safety.

Minimum Qualifications:

1. Baccalaureate degree in Long Term Care Administration, Public Health, Healthcare, Business, or related field.
2. Current Nursing Home Administrators License: License # to be provided.
3. Three (3) years experience in Nursing Home Administration.

Desired Qualification:

1. Masters degree in any field.
2. Teaching and/or training experience in post-secondary education.
3. Online teaching, online course development and/or online training experience.

Salary: $50,800/yr