Outreach Toolkit

The tools below are available to members to reach out to the public and raise awareness of nursing facilities and/or assisted living facilities in Nebraska. Tools may be used throughout the year, with adjustments being made for those that include reference to National Nursing Home Week or National Assisted Living Week. You are encouraged to tailor the tools to reflect your facility (adding logos, personal stories, events, etc.). The NNFA and NALA logos and references should be left in place in all tools.

PowerPoint Presentation
Long-Term Care in Nebraska: Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities PowerPoint provides a broad overview of nursing facilities and assisted living facilities, as well as related issues like payment and quality. It is suggested that you contact local civic organizations, churches, and other organizations letting them know that you’re available to present on the subject.

You are encouraged to add your facility’s logo to the first and last slide. In addition, feel free to add slides within the presentation so it reflects specific features and activities of your facility. The PowerPoint includes notes on some slides to help you in your presentation.

NALA members can also utilize the “Understanding Assisted Living” PowerPoint presentation developed by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL). It includes statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics survey of assisted living/residential care communities.

Media Release Template
The sample news release promotes facilities’ activities that coincide with National Nursing Home Week or National Assisted Living Week. It can be revised for use any time of the year. It is important to find out deadlines for your local TV, radio, and newspaper outlets so that your information reaches them in time. Select one: Nursing Facility or Assisted Living

Radio Public Service Announcement (PSA)
A recorded digital file in included as a 15-second PSA.

Church Bulletin
A church bulletin is available for your distribution to local churches. Tailor the bulletin to include information specific to your facility, but keep the bulletin brief. The bulletin provided is specific to national recognition weeks but keep in mind that bulletins can be sent any time of the year to announce special events or news at your facility. Select one: Nursing Facility or Assisted Living.

Sample Proclamation
Sample proclamations are available for both National Nursing Home Week and National Assisted Living Week. It is important to arrange a proclamation with a local leader early. Proclamation events can garner attention from local media and also are a great time to plan a coinciding special event.

Letter of Invitation to Community Groups and Schools
Template letters are available for your use in inviting groups and/or schools from your community to participate in your facility’s events. Select one: Nursing Facility or Assisted Living.

Membership Newsletter/Website Article
An article is provided for use in announcing your affiliation with NNFA and/or NALA in your facility’s newsletter and website. The NNFA and NALA logos, or a dual membership logo, are also available for you to include with an article or display on your website. Please display only the logo for the association of which your facility is a member, or use the dual membership logo if you belong to both NNFA and NALA.

Website Links
Please add the website of NNFA/NALA, nehca.org, to your website’s list of links.