RN Lead Instructor: Nurse Aide and Medication Aide Training

Company Name: Nebraska Health Care Association

Website URL: https://www.nehca.org/

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Lincoln, NE

Job Category: Other (Details in Description)

Job Description

Nebraska Health Care Learning Center (NHCLC), a private, post-secondary career school, seeks an enthusiastic and hard-working nurse to teach and test Nurse Aide and Medication Aide at the NHCLC campus in Lincoln, Nebraska. Days and hours are flexible, with the majority being Monday through Friday during daytime hours. Candidates should have a sound understanding of the role of the Nurse Aide and Medication Aide in health care. The positions involve instructing and testing Nurse Aide and/or Medication Aide students on scope of practice, skills competency, clinical experience, and codes of conduct within their positions in health care facilities with a Nebraska approved curriculum. Lead Instructor must be an RN, who will work closely with NHCLC’s Director of Professional Development and other team members. 1-2 years of experience in long-term care is required. NHCLC is an affiliate of Nebraska Health Care Association.

Location: 1200 Libra Drive, Suite 100, Lincoln, Nebraska 68512

Hours: Approximately 40 hours per week

Job Type: FT

Pay: Salaried – $56,160 yearly


How to Submit:

Email to: ConnieK@nehca.org

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