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Stanton Health Center

Mission Statement:
To provide quality, personalized care to all residents while maintaining their need for independence, dignity, and respect—accomplished through cooperation of excellent medical advisors, caring staff, and a supportive community.

We believe it is the primary responsibility of all employees of SHC to provide comprehensive care and service to each resident, assisting them in their overall physical and mental well-being. The welfare of the resident is the focus for each department at SHC.

We believe the resident’s health care needs are best met by focusing on the clinical aspects of nursing care. Physicians and the professional nursing staff should carefully assess each resident—with the physician determining the clinical and medical needs of the resident, while the nurses utilize nursing diagnoses to plan interventions as well as integrate with the interdisciplinary care planning committee. The resident and the resident’s family should be included in the selection of the best possible plan of care.

We believe the resident has clearly defined rights. These rights are explained to the resident and resident’s family and are respected and implemented by all members of the SHC team.

We believe all professional and active staff members should behave commensurate with a professional level of education, training, abilities, and potential. All staff are directed toward improvement in their care or service to the residents. In-service education plays an important role in the ongoing quality of care and service, and is therefore, a high priority of all staff members in seeking opportunities for improvement.

We believe that continual evaluation of care and service as evidenced by the residents’ outcome is imperative to effectively provide the needs of the residents, and additionally, to recognize areas of care of service that might be improved.

We believe that all personnel of SHC should perform their duties exhibiting high ethical conduct, loyalty, professionalism and efficiency with respect to all residents and their co-workers.

SHC will not be discriminate against any employees, applicant for employment, or resident due to that individual’s race, color, national origin, mental or physical disability, sex, age, religion, or membership in any other protected class.

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