Clinical Synergy

Clinical Synergy is a provider of Specialty Medical Equipment for purchase or rental. Focus areas include Fall Reduction, Wound Prevention and Management and Obese Pt Handling equipment.
In addition we a prefered vendor for NovaGran Wound Care Dressings and NovaGran Skin and Wound Cleanser.
In response to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Clinical Synergy has worked diligently to source much needed PPE and Infection Control options.
We have successfully source Hand Sanitizer, Face masks, Isolation Gowns for numerous customers in Nebraska and Iowa.
Clinical Synergy has access to UVC sterilization units.
Lastly, we can provide (through a 3rd party relationship) decontamination solutions similar to those used by the DOD and other US Governmental Agencies which have been used sucessfully against SARS CoV2, the virus responsible for Covid 19.

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