Grove Med

Since 1988, GroveMed has been providing the highest quality products and services to the healthcare facilities in the Southeast and beyond. We provide experienced healthcare solutions for the alternate site marketplace.

Grove started as a family-run business that holds itself to the very highest quality and standards. With unwavering commitment to our core principles, we continue to compete and thrive against the largest corporations in our field.

Grove provides the knowledge, resources and facilities to answer your questions and fill your orders with promptness and accuracy. In order to best meet your needs, we offer a complete line of medical services and products from hundreds of name-brand manufacturers. With strategic and efficient distribution centers, we ensure you receive the fastest available deliveries.

Grove knows that being a lasting partner means understanding YOUR business and what you need, especially when today’s regulatory compliance demands more of caregivers than ever before. Our tenured and accredited staff is focused on building communication-based relationships and is capable and dedicated to providing you with the best solutions for your needs. We specialize in servicing the alternate site marketplace and continue to expand our reach and business every year.

Thank you for choosing GroveMed, where your healthcare needs are our first priority.

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