Penner Bathing Spas

Penner Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading provider of unique and innovative bathing systems to health and care facilities. Change the culture of bathing areas by designing your new spa with the revolutionary Cascade Premier Spa. Choose your color, design, and style. Features include 29″ or 32″ LCD TV, DVD, CD, and Stereo-Sound. All controls are built into and hidden in the cabinet, which also includes a built-in reservoir. Also available: The Cascade Comfort Reclining Spa, Cascade Contour Side-Entry Spa with built-in post transfer or mobile transfer, End-Opening Spa, and Cascade Wide Spa. The Cascade Alcove Spa for Assisted Living Communities. The Pacific Spa, a height adjustable recumbent system and the Superior Spa, a time-tested concept. All Penner Spas have a five-year limited warranty.

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