Koski Professional Group, P.C., Certified Public Accountants

We serve the long term care industry in the highly specialized area of Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, sales and acquisitions of facilities, succession planning, audit, accounting, and income tax for proprietary and not for profit health care entities.

Lawson State Community College

Lawson State is an institution with a rich history of academic achievement and an unmatched record of community leadership and service. The college is proud of its ability to provide seamless administrative processes and educational support services for students and other constituents.

Bland & Associates, P.C.

Assist in developing systems to capture all the reimbursements and revenues that the organization is entitled to receive. Bland goes above and beyond when it comes to providing solutions to your organization. We understand the regulations and know how critical it is to have a thorough understanding of the health care environment. We provide CPA services and Medicaid and Medicare consulting and cost report preparation.