VBOverified is a leading Background Identity Verification Solutions provider supporting new-hire and retention decisions. Our efficient, innovative, and secure background screening is completely online and fully customizable to meet the unique needs of the health care industry. Federal, State, and County criminal records that cover the entire nation so that you are not limited with screening that only covers Nebraska. OIG, SAM, Medicaid sanctions and other health care compliance screening as well as education, license, certification, and reference verification are all a part of the full suite of solutions a partnership with VBOverified brings to you. VBOverified also offers tenant screening to support assisted living communities with resident screening decisions to better manage risk that could result from those placed within your trusted care.

Seulu LLC

Seulu = Solutions for Growing Census, Strategies for Marketing, Financial issues Solved and Compliance Conquered.
Proven = Decades of success in nursing homes, assisted living, memory care, independent living and CCRC’s with several deficiency-free surveys.
Knowledgeable = Consulting based on research by PhD’s and MD’s licensed in several states to bring a breadth of operating wisdom.

Seulu provides census, marketing and operations guidance to the senior housing industry. A boutique firm focused on quick results and sustainable strategies; we manage and coach the most financially and compliance challenged facilities.

Best of all, we don’t give you recommendations and leave. WE execute the plan so your staff can focus on your residents.

Call now. We got you. 24/7/365, we are here for you.

Prioricare Healthcare Staffing

For over two decades Prioricare has successfully placed thousands of healthcare professionals and certified personnel into industry partners.

Prioricare is a family owned and operated healthcare staffing company with roots in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Montana and North Dakota. We have served the Sub-Acute, Long Term Care and Assisted Living Markets since 1972 when our family started operating facilities in these states.

In 1998, we opened our healthcare recruiting and staffing services to other industry operators when a fellow provider needed assistance. Prioricare officially was created to assist other companies with the ever-growing demand for staffing needs in hospitals, sub-acute facilities, memory care locations, assisted living sites, clinics, home health agencies, schools, corporations, group homes, camps and prisons.

Prioricare proudly serves our clients with operational expertise uniquely earned as owners and operators. We truly understand the complexities of the healthcare world, the challenges of hiring and managing a quality team while balancing the expectations set by customers, their family members, the state, insurance providers, CMS and the community at large.

In addition, Prioricare provides 24-hour support to our customers and healthcare travelers with clinical experts, human resources support, and service counselors to ensure they can do what they do best – provide incredible healthcare to those in need. We offer career opportunities and assistance to our healthcare personnel through per diem, block scheduling, travel and permanent placement services throughout the USA.

We are here to help you with your healthcare staffing needs!


We Identify, Evaluate and Acquire the following professional healthcare staff, as well as many other licensed and certified medical care providers: RN, LPN, CMA, CNA and RCA’s. As a leading healthcare and nurse staffing agency in Nebraska, Nextaff understands that nurse and aide short staff situations is quickly becoming a critical success factor for most healthcare facilities. Hiring nurses in Nebraska is not only important to providing care for patients but also in maintaining positive morale for other nursing staff members.

LTC Midwest, LLC

Facility Management and Consulting Services for Skilled Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Assisted Living Memory Care Facilities; Survey Preparation and Plan of Correction Support; Civil Money Penalty Negotiation; Education; Safety and Work Comp Training and Education; Administrator Training/Mentoring; Remodeling/Redevelopment/Construction Services; Marketing/Staff Recruitment, and other services related to all aspects of Long Term Care.

Fusion Medical Staffing, LLC

“Fusion Medical Staffing is a full service staffing company serving hospitals, LTC Facilities, home health, and clinics across all fifty states. We have been placing Nursing & Allied Health healthcare travelers with a long history of success. We would love to help you begin your travel journey!”

GrapeTree Medical Staffing, LLC

Founded in 1999 by a travelling RN, GrapeTree Medical Staffing is a healthcare staffing agency that provides staffing solutions to nursing homes, assisted living facilities and hospitals across the Midwest by providing RNs, LPNs and CNAs to fill last minute or long-term shifts left by staffing shortages. GrapeTree is rated one of the top 10 most reliable staffing firms in the Midwest and is certified by The Joint Commission, recognized nationwide as a “Gold Seal of Approval” and a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting high performance standards. Patient and resident care is the top priority for GrapeTree. Field staff are fully qualified and credentialed, including a comprehensive application, background checks, licensing verification, certifications and required trainings, and above-and-beyond skills checklists.

Harmony Healthcare International (HHI)

Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) is a healthcare consulting firm focused
on assisting the long-term care industry with our C.A.R.E.S. (Compliance, Audit,
Analysis, Reimbursement, Regulatory, Rehabilitation, Education, Efficiency
and Survey) platform of products and services designed to create operational,
financial and clinical excellence with the goal of improving patient care.


Think of KARE as the Uber for nurses, caregiver and hospitality workers. KARE, unlike a staffing agency, is digital market place and clearing house that connects pre-qualified caregivers and hospitality workers to skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living communities who are suffering with staffing shortages. Also unlike staffing agencies, organizations use KARE to hire talent cost free, fill shifts and fulfill their staffing shortages at a cost lower than paying overtime and agency fees. An initiative by our industry for our industry.