Seulu LLC

Seulu = Solutions for Growing Census, Strategies for Marketing, Financial issues Solved and Compliance Conquered.
Proven = Decades of success in nursing homes, assisted living, memory care, independent living and CCRC’s with several deficiency-free surveys.
Knowledgeable = Consulting based on research by PhD’s and MD’s licensed in several states to bring a breadth of operating wisdom.

Seulu provides census, marketing and operations guidance to the senior housing industry. A boutique firm focused on quick results and sustainable strategies; we manage and coach the most financially and compliance challenged facilities.

Best of all, we don’t give you recommendations and leave. WE execute the plan so your staff can focus on your residents.

Call now. We got you. 24/7/365, we are here for you.

NRC Health

NRC Health is defining experiences by the only benchmark that matters. Our experience solutions capture deeply personal experiences of patients, residents, nurses and staff at the right time over time. These insights power a new benchmark: N=1. We help our partners exceed the expectations of each person they serve.

By translating data into insights to illuminate the complete care journey, our partners are able ensure each individual receives the care, respect, and experience he or she deserves. Developing a longitudinal profile of your customer’s healthcare wants and needs—before, during, and after each experience—allows for organizational improvement, increased engagement, and most importantly, results in the loyalty required to achieve personal well-being.


Regs-In-A-Flash is now providing Competency Evaluation Programs, Survey Management Tools, and much more. You can order hard copy or download digital files.

LTC Midwest, LLC

Facility Management and Consulting Services for Skilled Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Assisted Living Memory Care Facilities; Survey Preparation and Plan of Correction Support; Civil Money Penalty Negotiation; Education; Safety and Work Comp Training and Education; Administrator Training/Mentoring; Remodeling/Redevelopment/Construction Services; Marketing/Staff Recruitment, and other services related to all aspects of Long Term Care.

Mission Health Management Group

The Mission Health Management Group specializes in operating, monitoring and consulting for troubled communities that require stabilization, strategic redirection and turnaround services.